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Missile Base informational kit with DVD

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The Most Unique and Secure Real Estate In The orld
Perhaps one of the best investment opportunities ever!
Experience and feel the arriving at facility via aircraft - click below
Luxury Home Missile Base
Real Estate that is the Ultimate Underground Home.  
Silohome purchaser has the first right to purchase the other available real estate available for maximum privacy and the prices below are available only to the Silohome buyer.  

Priced to sell !
Total Available Real Estate
Silohome Only Price:                                          $1,995,000
Log Home Price:                                                       259,000
10 Acre Runway Lot w/ 42' x 46' Hangar:          150,000
Seven Approx. ave 8 Acre Lots  all 7:                 476,000
125 Undivided Acres to West     (15 Lot Potential):    150,000
Total                                                                         $3,030,000

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Photos:    Surface   Below Ground
4 min 18 sec short version
6 min 48 sec long version with cold war history
4 min 18 sec short version
6 min 48 sec long version with cold war history
Missile Base for sale, Restored safe haven getaway, this is a missile base for sale. call 1-800-715-1333 x 3144 for more information.
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Drive or Fly to your own extreme home!
 Rare 20th Century Restored Collectable
World's most unique luxury home - An incredible balance of natural beauty and technological innovation. Pristine mountain property and panoramic views in combination with the ultimate level of security and privacy.
 Now live in Luxurious surface home luxury suite
attached to surface great room.